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Acupuncture blunts inflammation & the dreaded cytokine storm - new research from Harvard.

Harvard researchers have demonstrated that acupuncture can tame cytokine storms and the inflammation process. Cytokine storms have made the news lately as a lot of people have heard about this for the first time since Covid19 struck.

Cytokines are a normal part of the immune response to infections or other diseases. A cytokine storm is when the body releases too many cytokines in a relatively short span of time that it overwhelms the body, resulting in high fevers, inflammation and can quickly shut down vital organs. It's what we see in the unlucky patients who have negative outcomes with Covid19.

Although this study is on mice and more research on humans is always welcome, many of my patients will attest that they experience relief from pain when they get acupuncture. Acupuncture can definitely help with a number of health conditions and this study expands on the knowledge science is gathering about this time tested treatment. Check out the harvard research here:

As a bonus, take a look at this journal article from researchers from Oxford, the UAE and Melbourne universities postulating the importance of the B-vitamins in attenuating the cytokine storm:

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Ian Koo, ND, R.Ac.

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