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Detoxes and Fasting? Is it bunk?

You've probably heard from many nutritionists/dieticians/MDs or other experts that fasting and detoxes is unproven and can probably harm you.  But in many cultures or religions, it's done regularly w/ no real harm.

But now, scientists at the University of Southern California are actually advocating fasting.  They've demonstrated that fasting for 3 days resets your immune system and reboots the body.  In fact, they are saying that it may be beneficial for cancer patients or those who have undergone chemotherapy.

‘There is no evidence at all that fasting would be dangerous while there is strong evidence that it is beneficial.’

Quite a drastic change in opinion by scientists.  A lot of naturopathic doctors (NDs) have been taught that there can be some therapeutic advantages to fasting.  It's good to see the science catching up to things I was taught long time ago.

Over the years, I've seen science validate many things that NDs do (ie. acupuncture) and advice to select patients to 'avoid gluten.'  For some reason, naturopathic doctors and other medical solutions passed down through the generations don't get the credit it deserves.  Sometimes things work and we have to wait for science to validate what we already know.  And believe me, I'm as scientific of a naturopath as you will find.

Take a look at this National Post article regarding Fasting! 

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Ian Koo, ND

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