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Statins - Should you really be on it?

Statin are one of the most widely prescribed medications out there.  They are used to lower high cholesterol levels.  If you are on it, you should take a look at this CBC article and video.  Researchers are starting to question its risks and benefits for cardiovascular disease prevention.  It seems to help those who have had a heart attack, but not so much for those who have yet to have any health problems.  After about 5 yrs of use, it seems to reduce risk by about one percent.  But one also has to weigh that against the possible side effects such as kidney disease, muscle pain, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Luckily, if you read my previous blog post about how effective naturopathic medicine is for cardiovascular disease, you will find that there are much more effective treatment strategies out there.

Speaking of statins, make sure that you're not mixing it with any macrolide antibiotics.  These are common antibiotics such as clarithromycin & erythromycin.  It could lead to a number of nasty side effects, namely kidney and muscle damage.  See the article below for more information.

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Ian Koo, ND

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