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Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease using Naturopathic Therapies vs. Conventional Treatment

I didn't think this would happen for at least a decade more, but it did.  The Canadian Medical Association's Journal (CMAJ) published a journal study comparing the treatment of Canada Post workers in Edmonton, Toronto & Vancouver using conventional treatment of cardiovascular disease versus naturopathic treatment.

And lo and behold, naturopathic treatment was more successful in reducing the 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality risk.  In addition, the patients who were treated by a naturopathic doctor reduced costs to the health care system and the employer (Canada Post) by a whopping $1025 in the first year alone.

The study also analyzed naturopathic care vs. statins.  Statins are a class of medication used to lower cholesterol and have been shown to decrease mortality risks.  Naturopathic care resulted in a 2 fold improvement in benefit + a 2 fold reduction in cost.  Therefore, that means naturopathic care was 4x more cost effective.

Dr. Brian Goldman, MD who hosts a show on CBC radio and is an emergency room doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto discusses this study and naturopathic medicine in this interview.  Take some time to listen to it and you'll be surprised at how positive he is regarding naturopathic medicine's role in Ontario and Canada's health care system.

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Ian Koo, ND

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