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Organic foods: Are they healthier?

So I've been hearing a lot about this new study , a meta-analysis by Stanford researchers concluding that organic foods are not really healthier than non-organic ones. Basically, they analyzed nutrient contents from the two and found that they were similar. And from that, they conclude that there's no difference and that's what the media is running with. Headlines everywhere are saying how organic foods aren't more nutritious and that it's all a scam.

I've never told patients that organic foods are more nutritious because frankly, all are grown from the same soil. But I think people are missing a point here.

The researchers did find that there were less pesticides in organic foods and that organic meats produce less antibiotic resistant bacteria. Both of these ARE good things people! I'm not saying that everyone should only eat organic because that could get expensive, but it just baffles me how people interpret studies, even the researchers themselves.

Yours in Health,
Ian Koo, ND

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