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Juicing - What you should know about what you're missing!

Many patients ask me if it's ok if they drink their fruits and vegetables. Generally, science says that juicing is a good way to get some vitamins and nutrients, but the lack of fiber and the high glycemic (ie. high sugar) content may be an issue.

But I've always had a nagging suspicious that there was something else that we might be missing in this story and now I have proof.  Research out of The University of Queensland in Australia has found that "fibre binds up to 80 per cent of cancer-inhibiting antioxidant polyphenols in fruit and vegetables, thereby protecting the antioxidants from early digestion in the stomach and small intestine."

So what this means is that if you don't eat the fiber part, less of the antioxidants will reach your colon or large intestine.  Last time I checked, colorectal cancers were listed as fourth on the list of most diagnosed cancers.

Maybe next time you drink your orange juice, try to include the pulp.

Yours in Health,
Ian Koo, ND

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