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Food Allergies/Sensitivities & Migraines - The test you need to know about

I sometimes get perplexed reactions when I tell patients that their migraines or headaches can be caused by the foods that they are eating. Of course, there are other causes as well, but today we'll focus on the food aspect. I invariably get an answer like this "my doctor/GP says there's no correlation between migraines/headaches and the food you eat".

Luckily for me, new research published in Cephalalgia, An International Journal of Headache, has found that there is indeed a correlation. The researchers performed an IgG food antibody testing on 30 migraine sufferers. This is the first study of its kind showing that "diet[ary] restriction based on IgG antibodies is an effective strategy in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks."

I routinely perform this kind of testing on my patients as I have found that a number of symptoms - not just migraines - can be alleviated by eliminating or restricting foods that show up as highly reactive in the tests. If you know someone who has migraines, this test may help to reduce the frequency or even the severity of the attacks.

You can read the whole study here.

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