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In the News: Tamiflu resistance, Hot dogs and cancer, Euthanasia & Quebec, Heart disease

Tamiflu resistant H1N1 virus?

Canada and many other countries are stockpiling the anti-retroviral drug Tamiflu - considered the first line anti-retroviral drug against H1N1. Though not a reason to worry, there are now reported cases of Tamiflu-resistant-H1N1 in both Quebec, Canada and in Japan. There's only been 5 reported cases thus far.

Hot dogs with cancer warning labels?
Cancer Project, a national cancer awareness group in the U.S.A is suing hot dog manufacturers in an effort to force them to issue warning labels on their products. It is already well known that processed meats that contain nitrates, such as cold cuts & hot dogs increase the risk of certain cancers (ie. colon cancer) with regular consumption.

Cardiovascular disease is Canada's #1 Killer
In Canada, rates of high blood pressure was up 77 per cent between 1994 and 2005, diabetes was up 45 per cent over the same period, and obesity rates rose 18 per cent.

Euthanasia - the debate?
The Quebec College of Physicians have suggested that euthanasia could be an acceptable form of treatment for some terminally ill patients with no hope of recovery. This would be quite a change. Switzerland is currently the only country in the world where foreigners can be assisted with euthanasia.

In other countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, terminally ill residents are able to receive a doctor's assistance to die.

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