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Breast Cancer & Hormone Replacement Therapy: What we know now - The good news

By now, a lot of people know about the increased risks of getting breast cancer when a woman goes on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The Women's Health Initiative - a large scale study - was stopped in 2002 when it was noticed that estrogen and progestin users had a noticeably greater risk of developing heart problems and breast cancer. Statistical analysis shows that at the peak, the breast cancer risks for women on HRT were twice that of women on a placebo pill.

Fortunately, retrospective analysis shows that these risks dropped quickly once the HRT group stopped using the pills. In fact, this group's risk levels returned to normal in about two years. Very good news indeed considering it takes about 10-15 years for a smoker's risk profile to go back to normal levels.

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Ian Koo, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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