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Morning after pill (Plan B) to be sold over-the-counter in pharmacies across Canada

It appears that Plan B, a "morning after" emergency contraceptive pill will be sold over-the-counter in pharmacies in Canada according to drug maker Paladin Labs Inc. Plan B can be used up to 72hrs after having sex to prevent unintended pregnancies, but it's most effective if used within 24hrs.

Many people I've spoken to did not know that Plan B had behind-the-counter status, meaning that one could obtain the pills by speaking to a pharmacist without a doctor's prescription.

As the name suggests, I would not recommend this as a first line contraceptive. As I tell my patients, it's good to read a drug's product monograph to learn more about what they are taking so that they can make an informed decision. You can find an abbreviated product monograph on Plan B's website.

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