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Bisphenol-A Free Products

BPA forms the inner lining of almost all canned goods. It leaches into the foods when the cans are heated during the pasteurization process.


  • Eden Foods, an American company switched to BPA free cans in 1999.
  • Buy foods in glass jars.
  • Frozen goods like peas and carrots are another option.
  • Of course, fresh is best!

BPA free water bottles:

  1. Sigg - Swiss made water bottles made from aluminum w/ some sort of protective organic coating inside with claims that there's no leaching into the bottle.
  2. Nalgene - Recently started producing BPA free water bottles. Their new line called Tritan Bottles, are made from Eastman Tritan TM copolyester, which is manufactured without Bisphenol A.
  3. Klean Kanteen - Stainless steel drinking bottles with no inner lining.
  4. ThinkSport - Stainless steel vacuum sealed bottles keep contents hot or cold for hours. These bottles do not contain any toxins, including BPA, PVC and phthalates.

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