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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (Part 1 - the skeptic)

I spent the entire weekend getting my facial rejuvenation acupuncture certification and I am tired. It was an advanced acupuncture course touting the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture. I did the course more out of curiosity. I questioned the professor and challenged the teaching assistants about the merits of some of the claims. I spoke with some of the other students in the course and was told that they are taking the course because have seen good results with family friends. I really want to be sure that it has benefits before I start charging for this anti-aging therapy. I will be testing the procedure on family members who have graciously volunteered their face and body to science over the next few months. I wish that my grandfather, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine were still around. It would have been good to go over the theory and techniques I have learned. I'm sure he could have provided me with a little bit more insight into the practice in China.

I was surprised to learn that cosmetic acupuncture was such a big industry. I was also surprised to learn that these techniques have been taken from clinics in China. I always assumed (wrongly so) that this procedure was something made up by medical practitioners in the Western world looking to cash in on people's insecurities with their looks. However, there are many other benefits that I did not realize. More on that later in another blog installment, but for now I will retire for my beauty rest.

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Anonymous said...

Could you please let me know where you were able to take the facial rejuvenation acupuncture course, as I a very curious about this topic myself. Thanks very much!