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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fat Distribution: Apple vs. Pear Shape - Both are Bad says new Lancet Study

In medicine, we're taught that women who are pear shaped (ie. with fat around the hips) are generally at lesser risks of cardiovascular disease than those who are apple shaped (ie. waist body fat). Though the body of evidence seems to suggest that, the March 2011 article in the Lancet seems to suggest otherwise - "So being an apple is no worse than being a pear. Both are bad" according to Dr. Di Angelantonio, coauthor.

Below is the citation for the full study should you wish to read it. But to summarize, fat is fat and too much, no matter where it's distributed on your body, is bad for your health.

The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration. Separate and combined associations of body-mass index and abdominal adiposity with cardiovascular disease: collaborative analysis of 58 prospective studies.
Lancet 2011; DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(11)60105-0.
Available at:

Yours in Health,
Ian Koo, ND

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 CDC Diabetes Statistics (America)

Although these are new figures by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control. I would say that Canadian figures would be on par. We delude ourselves into thinking that we're a healthier nation.


Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, but an estimated 79 million adults have prediabetes according to a new report issued by CDC.

1. Approximately 8.3% of Americans of all ages are affected by diabetes

2. 11.3% of Americans aged at least 20 years have diabetes

3. Approximately 27% of Americans who have diabetes do not know

4. 35% of individuals aged at least 20 in the USA have prediabetes

5. Between 90% to 95% of all diabetes patients in the USA have diabetes type 2.

That means 115 million Americans out of 360 million are pre or actual diabetics.

Yours in Health,
Ian Koo, ND

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