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Macho Men....Why their Health Suffer

Just read an article from The Star about the stereotypical masculine man, who will deny he's in pain or that anything is wrong with him til he's forced to go to the hospital.......or as is common in my practice, til the wife forces him to book an appointment with me.

Yes, men can be reckless with their health. Somewhere during childhood, we are taught & shown images of men "toughing it out"........we see it in the movies, in sports & in every day life - young boys are told to "suck it up" and "don't cry, be a big boy" whereas the female gender are nurtured when they get an injury. Unfortunately, these early messages carry on to our older years and leave us more vulnerable to more serious injuries or health concerns when we do not tackle early symptoms of health problems.

Men, get your yearly check ups from a health care practitioner that you're comfortable with and nip those health problems in the bud before they grow into even more troublesome ailments. Until men change their attitudes about seeing health care practitioners, loving wives or girlfriends will continue to drag the men in their lives to come see me. The truth is, once in the office, they become's the step of getting them to book an appointment that's the hard part.

As I always tell my patients, prevention is better than cure.

Yours in health,

Ian Koo, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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